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Personalized Money Boxes

Personalized Money Boxes
- 12 January 2012

When I was a little kid, my father brought me a personalised money box in order to save up some money. When it got filled up to the top, he would just cut off the existing one and deposit the money to the bank and bring me another one. So I had quite a wide collection of money boxes of various colors and shapes and sizes. That time, I didn’t know the meaning or value of saving but I saved money because I always needed to get a new money box which comes after the piling up in this one.

As you can see, the variety or the attraction is what draws children towards good habits like saving money. In theory, a little child would not be much interested in making a lot of money in the first place but he or she will definitely like the idea of keeping an attractive money box and maintaining it to fill up eventually. So you might need to come up with the most attractive money box in order to make your child a money saver and not a money waster.

Kodak express at Fotostation is always there when you need us and we always tend to help in such worthy and delicate matters. We provide you with our personalized money box service where you can create unique money boxes as you desire using your own photos and texts.

 Just log onto our website and just follow the four easy steps and you are nearly there. We give you personalized money boxes with the highest quality and the best durability.