Unique valentine puzzles

The month of February is a month when it comes the Valentine’s Day. The time for love and time for getting together and the time to give away presents to the loved ones as an attempt to show how much they love each other. The best way to show the heights of love is to give away the most unique and one of a kind present will take the lover’s breath away!

Kodak express at Fotostation offers the best ideas of personalized photo gifts and the personalized Valentine jigsaw puzzles are one of the most interesting in the inventory. We have a variety of puzzles created to serve the sole purpose of Valentine’s Day gifts.

First of all, there is the Heart shaped paste board puzzle containing a hundred pieces. Then there is the I LOVE YOU puzzle which has forty nine pieces with two heart shaped pieces made of hard board. Finally the largest puzzle of all, the LOVE HEARTS puzzle which is also made out of hard board containing two hundred and forty pieces with a border of hearts around the line

The specialty of all these products is that they can be personalized accurately to the request and instructions of the customer. Any of these valentine puzzles can be turned into unique valentine puzzles simply by printing any photo provided by the customer and any text can be added to the puzzle as you like.  And you can order online by logging onto our web site and uploading your photo yourself.

If you haven’t thought of what you’d give away I the next valentine’s day or if you are just looking a way to give a unique present,  try out the puzzles.