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Now Fotostation`s photo, film and slide scanning service has been the preferred choice of professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, and shutterbugs of all kinds.

Slide or Transparencies or Tranies as some would call it can now be converted at Kodak Express @ Fotostation. We offer comprehensive 35mm slide scanning, film scanning, print scanning, photo restoration and photo archival products to best suit your needs. All you have to do is to send us your slides, film or prints, and we will send them back to you along with a CD or DVD containing high resolution scans of your photos. Once on disk, your photos can be shared, enjoyed and preserved for generations to come.

We scan your prints, negatives, 35mm slides, medium format film and APS film and convert them to digital format at resolutions up to 18 mega pixels! We always deliver your digital photos hand cropped, rotated and color corrected so they are slide show ready.  Others charge a lot for this service, but we can't imagine why anyone would want their photos archived sideways and upside down.  (We over scan then hand crop to the edge of the photo so you get the whole image.  We don't crop out parts of your images.)  



Photo Prints from slides are also available in any sizes up to A0.

Digital ICE technology is used to ensure superb quality dust free prints and checkout for our pricelist below.

12"x10" 12.99 A2 32.99
14"x11" 16.99 A1 42.99
16"x12" 18.99 A0 79.99

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Just the opposite!!!         


We also make slides with the best quality from prints or digital images. Kodak Express @ Fotostation can transfer your digital files or photos to E6 mounted slides. If you are sending digital files it quality will be greatly dependent on the resolution of the files and minimum 300dpi is recommended.

Charges are per photo or file, plus a minimum set up charge of £25. Time taken will be 5 to 10 days maximum. Sometimes you might need it in a hurry to meet some deadlines.

We can rush it however that might incur extra charge so please call us if that is the case.

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Slide to CD or DVD Archival Service


We will scan your slides to at least 2400x1600 pixels. These will be scanned in no particular order. We give you the opportunity to edit and prepare a compilation for yourself on your own computer. Most new computers come with default software allowing you to create a DVD movie for you to play on your TV or computer.

However if you are unable to do that please do not worry. Handle the job to us. We can do that for you by arranging the slides in an sequence with background music and title for the DVD, for just an additional £50.

We will scan your images and transfer them to a powerful presentation or CD, DVD movie for you to play on your TV


High Resolution Scan of 35mm Mounted Slides to CD or DVD



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