Photo Re-prints , Negative Scanning & Scan to CD

Re-Prints and Negative Scanning to CD


Are you in need of reprints from your older negatives? Or need to scan your negatives and get the photos straight into a CD/DVD? Then you have come to the right place without wasting your valuable time. Your photos from negatives can now be easily scanned with our latest technology and we can produce high quality reprints or digital formats. 


Our process is regulary monitored by Kodak Express for quality control purposes. Every negative or slide (frame) and every print is manually checked for exposure, colour balance, hairs, dust and scratches using Digital ICE Technology


We here at Kodak Express @ Fotostation can produce reprints from 35mm negatives, 35mm Slides, APS Negatives, 120 negatives, 110 negatives, 126 negatives and more. Our scanning services provide you high quality digital format from your negatives and slides.


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35mm Colour and APS Reprints and Enlargements

Machine Printed (35mm Colour & APS Enlargements and Reprints)

Size (inches) (cm)
Re-Prints (per print)
whole Set Re-Prints


Black & white

24 Exp
36 Exp

6 x 4(in)15 x 10(cm)




7 x 5(in)8 x 13(cm)




7 x 5.5(in)8 x14(cm)




8 x 6(in)20 x 15(cm)




9x6(in)22.5 x15(cm)







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12x8(in)30 x20(cm)



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35mm Colour and Black & white negative scan to CD


Whole Set (35mm ) - scan to CD
£5.99 (+4.99)
Whole Set (35mm) - Hi res scan to CD
£10 (+4.99)
Cut Negatives Strips (35mm) - scan to CD
99p Per strip (+4.99)
Cut Negatives Strips (35mm) - Hi res scan to CD
1.50p Per strip (+4.99)

We offer large format printing from Negatives, Prints , CD , Memory Cards...etc

Large Format Poster size (35 mm prints )

Size (inches)(cm)

Premium Gloss or Matt 250Gm

12 x 10(in) 30 x 25(cm)
15 x 10(in) 38 x 25(cm)
14 x 11(in) 36 x 28(cm)
16 x 12 (in) 40 x 30(cm)
18 x 12(in) 45 x 30(cm)
20 x 16(in) 50 x 40(cm)
16 x 24(in) 50 x 60(cm)(A2)
30 x 20(in) 75 x 50(cm)
24 x 32(in) 60 x 85(cm)(A1)
33" x46.75" (A0) £79.99
Prints are also available on Canvas, Back light paper as well
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Reprints from 110 , 120 , 126 and 127

4” Regular Prints

£2.49 Per Print

5” Regular Prints

£3.49 Per Print
Hi res scan to CD
£2.49 Per Frame (+£4.99)



Please Contact us for more details & bulk pricing.


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  If you need to get different sizes of your prints we can provide you them on request and also we give you quantity discounts for large quantities.


All your prints can be printed and finished on to Canvas, Stretched, Laminated, Mounted .New Quality Metallic Prints for those who wish to get superior prints. Please Contact us for prices and sizes or any issue regarding the matter. 



Important notes:

•    Please state whether you need it from matt or glossy, with or without a white border, else we will print the default finish.
•    Please enquire for prices on multiple prints whatever the size from the same negative.
•    Prices quoted for extra sets are at the time of BW 35mm processing only. *
•    Retro sets prices are for prints after Processing.
•    Your 35mm BW and Color photos can be made into photo gifts and Canvas prints.
•    A standard resolution Photo CD is only £2.00 extra at the time of processing.
•    All Films Processed come with a FREE index print for easy referencing.
•    Above prices refer to Machine printing although we apply correction individually to all prints.
•    If you wish to color/contrast match, then 50% extra charge applies


Whether you are an happy snapper or a professional we at Kodak Express @ Fotostation can meet your needs.Our services cover digital printing, traditional APS, 35mm and 120 colour film services, as well as black and white developing and printing and slide E6 films.We have a large format digital printing department producing stretched canvases and quality poster prints.We also provide bespoke framing and Album service.


Online Digital Photo Printing

For the best in quality digital photo printing, post, email or drop your digital photos into our Award winning digital photo lab.All prints are adjusted for colour balance and contrast. Every photo that goes through our machines are monitored and Adjusting Print Sizes to stop the important bits of your digital photos from getting not printed because of digital sizes. Prints are avaliable from 15p onwards..


Mail Order Photos

If you can't make it into our state of the art digital printing lab in @ 146 High Street Ruislip or Simply post your films to us with your processing instructions or Upload your images using the online ordering facility.If you have digital images you can also upload them to us and we will print them and post them out to you