Photo restoration and Colorization Services

Memories aren't in Black & White, so why should your photos be? Your treasured photograph is now safe for many years to come! Our professional photo restoration service can repair your damaged photographs and give them a new life with extra protection and a stunning look.
Here at Kodak Express we provide a high quality Photo Restoration service for fixing old photos and restoring your faded prints with the latest technology along with the best inks.

All photo's both new and old are very important as these are your memories and somewhere down the line photos can get damaged by wear and tear, water or creased so when you get your photo's restored you are preserving an important part of your family history or your life. So don`t let your memories fade away.

The restored photograph is printed at the required size along with any extra copies or enlargements requested by our customers.

We offer photo retouching at affordable prices and if you do have any queries please email now on or call us on 01895 674 000 and we would be happy to help you with any issue regarding our photo repair service.

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