Phot Mugs

Just imagine when you’re going to the dining room in the morning just after waking up. And seeing a mug of tea with your face printed on it saying “Have a nice day”!

Porcelain or ceramic mugs are used in almost all of the households around the world to drink almost any beverage and sometimes to be used as ornaments. Mugs are frequently used as gift items and anniversary presents. Usually these come in single colors and a relatively simple design or a simple photograph printed on it. No matter how interesting the art work on the mug is, a lot of people are not satisfied into buying common mugs and presenting them.

Now you can present or buy mugs from Kodak Express at Fotostation in designs that you have never seen or heard before. This is simply because you are the creator of your own mug! We are now providing our personalized mugs printing service in order for you to create mugs according to your likes and dislikes and according to the situation you want it to blend in with.

You can print your own photo or you can print the photos of your family members in separate mugs in order to make a unique set of mugs of yours.  We offer you three variations of mugs to choose from,

The Ceramic Mug: The popular Staffordshire Mug 77mm in Diameter and 90mm high in white. 
The Porcelain Mug: Marborough bone china mug in white 77mm diameter and 100mm high. Both mugs are dishwasher safe and the all New Cup and Saucer or the Smug Mug.

Please note that we will adjust your photo according to the best judgment because the handle holds an unprintable area in the mug. Just upload your photos and please advise us about how to print it around the mug or only single sided. And it would be better if the photos are shot exactly for the purpose of photo gifts.