Photo Book on Real Photo Paper

Printed on to Real Photos and bound into an Album….

Your favorite pictures

Be creative! The unique gift for all occasions! …

Once again FotoStation doesn’t miss a trick in bringing the First Photo Book Album printed on Real Photographic paper at a price you can afford immortalize memorable events: wedding, birth, travel... vacation, Holidays , week ends, anniversaries, birthdays...


Real Photos bound into an Album not just a Real Book like from the rest

 Don’t be fooled …there are many Photo Books in the market but they all print on to Laser Paper and bind it in to a book.   FotoStation does it the proper way  ……. Unique photo books of professional quality on real photo paper Personalized in to a Album of your creation.


Our Real Photo Books are printed on to  Real Photographic paper and  bound into an Album design of your choice allowing you to be as creative as you want and available in several sizes from £9.99 to £39.99  from 4 to 30 Pages and up to 120 photos.


Our Photo Books are easy for you to create and design

Step 1  Dowload the “Creative Album” software for FREE Download

Step 2  Install the “Creative Album” software*  PC only (Mac Users not yet!)

Step 3  Open “Creative Album” and start designing your own Personalised Album to tell the story you want to tell.  ( You can stop and save any time to finish it off later.)

Step 4  Once finished Copy to CD or USB and send it off to us with the mail order form completed.

You shall be  AMAZED  by the ease of use and the quality and

the happy recipient will be SURPRISED!!!!

Start Designing your Photo Book Now

Start Designing your Photo Book Now