Personalized Smug Mugs

The ceramic mug is used commonly in every household to drink beverages and mostly to drinks tea or coffee. Every family member has a mug on his own and whenever you drink from your mug it always brings an unexplainable pleasure and warmth to you. You feel more at home when you use the mug.

This particular quality of the mug is used in most restaurants to bring the feeling of being at home. Therefore, they serve the beverages in mugs. A mug is usually used without a saucer. But to ensure the formality and the standard at a restaurant, the mug is now served with a saucer designed specially to go with the mug.

These mugs with saucers are called Smug Mugs. Smug mugs can be used anywhere commonly. Kodak express at Fotostation has a smug mug personalization unit set up to deal with your mug personalization needs.

These Smug Mugs are specially designed to fit a number of coffee makers or coffee machines.  You can print a photo on the surface of the mug with or without any text. These are ideal for restaurants and coffee shops where you can print the company name or the company logo onto the mug in order to promote it even when the customer is drinking tea.

And you can personalize these smug mugs with photos of your family members on each and present it to the family on a special day like Christmas. Or you can use them as personalized seasonal gifts.

With Kodak express at Fotostation, the innovations are unlimited even with simple ceramic mugs. The only thing you have to do is order right now.