Personalized puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are some things that we never lose interest on. People of all ages like to attend to solving or more likely, putting together the pieces in order to make out the picture that is scattered all over the place. What if you are putting together a photo of you and your loved one? What if you are putting together one of the snaps taken on your wedding? That would really be something to care for and to be put together wouldn’t it? And it will be an outstanding gift to give away as well.

If you are someone who had that idea and didn’t get to do it because no one was capable of doing it, if you are someone with the urge of giving away a unique present, Kodak express at Fotostaion is open to provide you with personalized jigsaw puzzles as you want to create unique puzzles.

The I LOVE YOU puzzles made out of hardboard are one such attraction we have for you to personalize and purchase. This puzzle consists of approximately forty nine pieces with the letters I LOVE YOU and two hearts. The 25cmx 18cm surface of the puzzle can be personalized with any photo you like and with any text you prefer. As always you can order the product just by logging onto our website and following the few easy steps and we complete the rest for you.  

We care for your needs as they are our own. So if you are in need of making a difference in the way of your presents and to make a attraction out of them, come and experience the Kodak express Unique jigsaw puzzle service.