Personalized oven gloves and mitts.

Do you like cooking? Or do you have friends or relatives who love cooking? Or are you looking for a good gift to give to your wife or mother or loved one? It doesn’t actually matter whether that person likes or dislikes cooking but personalized oven gloves and mitts is a warm and intimate gift you can give away to show your bond to your friend or relative.

Now comes the hard part. You may have the intention of presenting someone personalized oven gloves or mitts but it may be somewhat difficult to find a suitable place to personalize such items. Since oven gloves are exposed to heat most of the time, the printed ink may try to deteriorate and fade off eventually. So, if you want to make a unique gift out of the oven glove or a set of mitts, you have to come to the right people who do the process in the right way.

Kodak express at fotostation is the ideal place to make your very own personalized oven gloves or mitts. We offer you high quality durable products manufactured in the United Kingdom.  And we guarantee that you will definitely appreciate the product once it is finished.

The inside of the oven gloves or mitts are not suitable for printing. There is a greater chance of the paint to fade off for this side is often exposed and being in contact with the heat. Therefore, we print on the outside of both products.

On the oven gloves, only one image can be printed in the right hand only so far. And we cannot print around the border curves of the glove for it cannot be turned around inside the printer. We will adjust the picture to expose most of its highlighted features. This narrows down the possibilities of the photo on the oven glove very close to portrait images and texts.

On mitts however, there can be printed up to three pictures in both hands. The middle is ideal for a landscape picture while the left and right corner areas are suitable for portrait images. Adding a text string is not a problem for mitts at all.

Both products are finished with durable and printable polyester on the outside and cotton padding in the inside. Both products can be ordered online however, our system is still not programmed to upload tree pictures so you have to e-mail the pictures to us.

So, think a bit about the thing you can do with a little creativity and a pair of oven gloves or mitts.