Personalized Key Rings

“Keys open doors towards opportunities” That was an old saying. But keys are always needs to be kept in track and should be kept somewhere you can find when you need them. For that purpose, we use key rings or key tags.

Key rings come in all shapes, colors and sizes. But they may not come in the specific way you need them. Kodak express at Fotostain is offering you the most attractive personalized key ring service you have ever encountered before.

There are three major categories for you to choose and personalize in our key rings department.

We have the usual key rings you see almost everywhere. The specialty is that we can print any photo with or without text on either sides or both sides of the item. These come in rectangular, square and heart shaped finalizations. These may come in handy for giving away presents without any exception. Plus, these can be used to sort out and categorize the keys in an office mostly or in any household.

Then we have the teddy bear key ring which is renowned to be quite attractive and adorable. The teddy bear is wearing a t-shirt and you can personalize it with anything you like. The height of the bear is 10cm and the t-shirt is up to a maximum height of 4cm.

Finally, the crown jewel comes out. The Kodak G150 digital photo key ring is an exceptional item to get hold onto. It is actually an electronic photo viewer where you can store about a hundred photos and view them as a slide show or individually. This is actually a rechargeable battery powered digital photo frame which is shrunk into a size convenient enough for you to use as a key ring.

All these innovations are waiting here for you to personalize and purchase. So, just order online or pay us a visit and we will open your eyes to a new world of photo personalization.