Personalized calendars.

At the end of year, everyone is looking for calendars. As a matter of fact, a calendar is a vital need for almost every household because it is the main means for you to navigate the days and occasions of the year. So, have you ever thought of finding a unique calendar? Or most importantly, have you ever thought of creating a calendar of your own? This is a good variation to be put up on your wall and also to give away a breath taking gift.

Now, Kodak express at fotostation offers you this unique opportunity to print your own personalized custom photo calendars just the way you like it. We provide you the facility of printing a month-for-a-page calendar with your own photos and your own texts in each page. In simple, we can print calendars with your own photos and texts in twelve paged calendars with a month for a page. These calendars are printed in A4 sized pages but we are always open for your instructions, likes and dislikes. We also provide you with the luxury of printing any certain month of the year upon your request so that you can present a calendar on any time of the year.

The only thing you have to do is to log onto our website and order the custom calendars yourself simply by following three easy steps to upload the relevant photos and texts and we will do the rest for you. We also accept photos in negatives, or printed images as well.