Heart shaped cushions

The heart has so many meanings physically and symbolically. It pumps the blood all over our body providing life. The heart is the symbol of love and affection. Ant when we say two people are bound together heart to heart that means it is a very sensitive and valuable relationship. In nutshell, the heart is a symbol of love, affection and even friendship.

This proves that if one tends to give away a present in a shape of a heart, it sure will touch the person’s heart to whom you are presenting it. Heart shaped cakes, greeting cards, photo frames, souvenir albums and various other items are common in the market and something like that would not make much of a difference.

That is why Kodak Express at fotostation is providing you with the product of personalized cushions not only in the traditional squire type but the all new heart shaped version. And these can be personalized with any photo or text you like and turn it into the unique gift that you have in your mind.

The span size of the cushion cover is 37cm x 42cm approximately. This is finished in comfortable and cleanable silk finish fabric. Either one side or both sides can be printed with the personalization image or text and the pictures you provide and it will not be printed on the edges but will be printed in the centre up to a size of A4.       

Just follow the easy steps to upload your photos and instructions to us and we will make your intentions come true just the way you pictured it.