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Kodak Express For Real Photos from Digital

Printing from all Digital Camera on to conventional Kodak photographic paper at very low cost.... NOT CHEAP!!!!

Digital Photos FROM 15p Per Print

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The moderate level of “expensive” is called exotic or exorbitant. Do you know what the moderate level of “cheap” is called? We have given it a new meaning. Now the next level of cheap is described as “Prints from Digital by Kodak Express at Fotostation”. That is true, now we provide you the service of printing your precious moments stored in your any type of memory cards, digital cameras and all other digitals devices including mobile phone for the lowest price and for the highest quality.


As one of the leading mail in film processing companies in UK, we are always ready to print your mailed negatives. Copy and enlarge the already printed photos you send us and even repair the photos you send us via mail. Now we have taken it to the next level so that you can just upload your digital photos onto our website and we can print them for you.


The high quality, heavy weight Kodak royal photo paper is used to print your photos with the maximum quality and durability. Before printing, we always tend to adjust the quality, the lighting and remove the other defects of your photo to bring out the ultimate quality of it.


You can email your digital photos to for printing and we can also provide you with the facility of enlarging, editing and restoring old and damaged photos as an extra service. And if you want to archive your printed or digital photos onto a safer location without gaining much space, we can also copy your images to CDs or DVDs upon your request.


So why wait? Experience the new meaning of cheap with prints from digital from Kodak express at Fotostation.   

We offer an instant print service through our kiosk instore.

You can even or Email your digital photos to us and we will print them.

If you have lost or accidentally formatted, deleted your image card we offer image recovery service Click here

Prints from Camera Phones Prints from mobile phone

Real prints from your mobile phone via infrared or blue tooth technology. All our shops have Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk facility installed.

You can also use our bank of KIOSK to SELECT PREVIEW EDIT PRINT and save on printing edititing charges as you do it yourself.

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