CINE Films to VIDEO to DVD ....Copy Transfer

You can have your Old Cine Films that you found in the attic or inherited transferred to VHS or DVD and bridge that generation gap and make that movie you can no longer see due to the lack of a Cine projector viewable on VHS or DVD or both.





Memories shared Memories relived!


For an easy guide to Cine Film and DVD click here. About Cine Film About DVD



Cine to Video to DVD*

 (Regular and Super8 ) For 9.5mm and 16mm  ADD 20%

50 feet reels 
200feet reels   
400feet reels
1st Reel
Setup Charge
£15.00 (One off charge)
Titles (up to 4 words)
£5.99 (One off charge)
Copies to VHS or Digital 8
£10.00 each
Copies to DVD 
£10.00 each


Work out the size and type of the tape

  • Tell us what sequence you want the films transferred and if you require music let us know which one or provide us with one


If you need multiple copies of the VHS tape or DVD  to share amonst friends or relatives you can have  an extra tape for just £20.00 or DVD for just £10



  • If the film has not been processed/developed than we would need to do it first . It takes about 1 to 8 months at least to develop that film. We generally wait for that long so that we have enough to make the mixing of chemicals worth the while. Else the cost is ridiculously high.
  • The cost is £40 per roll to process.develop irrespective of any result.













More About CINE FILMs and DVD

Main types of Cine film

  • Standard 8mm Film
  • Super 8 Film
  • 9.5mm Film
  • 16mm Film

Your guide to length of Cine film

To determine what length of film you are sending per spool, as it is this and the number of spools which determines the price for the transfer of cine film to DVD or video tape VHS.


This is easily done by measuring the film across the widest part of the spool which holds it - i.e. the diameter of the spool. The larger reels generally have markings on the side indicating the amount of footage in both Feet and Meters.

Spool Diameter
Rum time
3 inches
50 feet
4 min
5 inches
200 feet
16 min
7 inches
400 feet
32 min


These are the most common sizes, there are larger ones - you can phone us for help if you wish


Cine Film editing

Due to the huge increase in customers looking to take greater control over their cine material, we are invariably asked to edit it or asked how they can be edited at home.

Given that most films have bits that need to be cut out, re-ordered or enhanced with titles etc; this has become an incredibly popular option that has been fuelled by easy to use and economical editing software. Visit our ADOBE shop to buy one


Depending on the gauge of film, each 50ft (3") cine reel runs for 3 - 4 minutes. Each 200ft (5") reel runs for 12 -17 minutes and each 400ft (7") reel runs for 24 - 28 minutes approximately. As we do not use the thin 4 hour tapes the maximum recording time for Video Tape is 3 hours. If you wish to view in the correct sequence all reels and boxes must be clearly numbered.

If you have not viewed your films in recent years, we strongly advise you to scan through the contents of your film(s) using a projector and (assuming they are numbered) check the reel numbers correctly match the numbers on the boxes, particularly numbers 6 and 9!.

Check also that all spools are wound the correct way round start to finish. White leader tape should be found at the start of the spool and not in the centre. If your films require editing we recommend transferring the entire contents onto tape or disc then creating a simple edit list using the time clock on the front of your video or disc player. A note explaining how to do this will be found inside the cassette case that accompanies the tape or disc. Should we detect a soundtrack already on the film it will be recorded at no extra charge?

If you intend to add some additional material at a later date it is important that you request a 3 hour tape. Be warned however that this is not possible with DVD as the discs have to be finalised. Do appreciate that there will always be some loss in picture quality in the transfer process whichever format you choose.

Note that copyright material will require permission in writing from the copyright holder. Special rates apply for obsolete or broadcast formats. All editing work must be accompanied by an accurate edit list with start and stop points in Hours, Minutes and Seconds using the time counter on your video recorder or camcorder. Do remember to rewind the tape and reset the counter to 0: 00:00 before you start. There will always be a small loss in picture quality in the transfer process, especially if the recordings are in long play or from the American N.T.S.C. system.