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KodakExpressOnline.com is a web shop of FotoStation Ltd.

Kodak express at Fotostation is the one stop shop for Digital prints, Traditional film processing, old and obsolete film developing, poster and enlargemnts, Reprints, Personalised photo gifts, canvas and poster prints, bespoke framing, foto restoration, repair and copy, transfer of cine to DVD, slides to DVD, photobooks and albums.  old movie film processing and transfer etc and much more

At Kodak Express  Foto Station our aim is to provide first-class service covering all of your Photographic and Digital imaging needs. Using state of the art   processing and printing machinery, coupled with the latest in Kodak technology on paper and chemistry, your images receive the best attention at every stage of production. Our staff are all highly trained to achieve the highest quality in both service and printing.

FotoStation is always ahead and uses the latest in technology availabe to provide innovative and quality products and services. Our Digital Darkroom was unique in that we can boast of being one of the first in the country to be have been able to produce digitally manipulated prints on photographic paper by the wet (traditional) process.


Whilst not being  luddites we take pride and respect tradition. With that in mind we have not given up on the traditional film.  Fotostation still handles the traditonal 35mm film and can also boast of being probably the only lab in Uk that can process any old film that has ever been made visit www.oldfilmprocessing.com and www.fotostation.co.uk for more information.


Fotostation bridges the gap between traditonal film and the digital by offering a range of services like scanning of old prints and negatives to Cd or DVD. We also offer a cost effective way for archiving old photos by offering a bulk scanning service which is economical whilst not compromising on the quality. visit www.shoeboxprints.co.uk for more information.

For prints from your digital media visit www.Fotostation.co.uk.  Here you will find our complete range of services. including a wide selection of personalised photogift from mugs , teashirts, coasters. placemats teddybear etc for him.her, and everyone suitable for all occassions.


Fotostation uses the latest technolgy and expertise in photoshop techniques to restore and repair old or damaged photos. Manipulate photos under changed circumstances like remove or add persons or change background etc. We are also creative  and imaginative in making ordinary photos  artistic like fairy photos caricatures, oil panting  popart, comic effects etc  to see what we do its worth visiting www.photo-wonder.co.uk


Our mission is to provide QUALITY VALUE SERVICE to all our customers.

Madhav, Kodak Express Fotostation Manager
I, Saty Madhav personally promise that we as a team will  do our best provide you with the service you expect.


Email : express@fotostation.co.uk

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