Photos from Photos: Photographs without Negatives

No negatives NO PROBLEM. We can produce prints that may astound you. Some times you will be hard pressed to pick the original they are that good.

We can make any size photo from your originals from the very small postage stamp size to Large Posters.

Our expert staff can produce prints that will astound you. Some times you will be hard pressed to pick the original they are that good. It all depends on the original.  We are the “NIP and TUCK” specialists for photographs!!

BUT not all photographs make good quality enlargements without negatives.  The technology used is a double edge sword it can pick up small scratches and faults in the original but at the same time afford us to manipulate/ restore the image to unbelievable levels.  Our staff are well trained and  experts in Photo manipulation. See restoration

In general photos made from photos are never as good as photographs from negatives. Contrast, colour etc can vary. Normally, most customers bring very old photographs and naturally they have been handled a bit and show its age these will be magnified and are more noticeable in an enlarged copy, larger the final copy more magnified is the fault. Some times we may charge extra based on the requirement and an assessment of the original. We offer a straightforward copy and a restoration service to suit every pocket.

When straight forward copy is requested  faded colours and any very light photo restoration work such a scratches, dirt and creases is normally done free of charge.

For the more damaged photographs or editing of photographs or for more extensive photo restoration please click here for prices.

Here at Kodak Express @ Fotostation we use the latest digital printing and scanning technology and the Adobe editing software that is considered the best in the world currently available to bring you the quality expected from the Kodak name. We use only Kodak chemicals and only use premium quality Kodak Royal Gold digital photographic paper and Kodak Professional paper for the larger prints.

If you are not sure what you require or is possible please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are unable to come to our lab there is mail order service also available.

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Photos from Photos (Photographs without negatives)  as is basis* Gloss/matt Without manipulation or restoration


Size (inches) (cm)

Price £

6 x 4 (15 x 10)


7 x 5 (18 x 13)


8 x 6 (20 x 15)


10 x 8 (25 x 20)


12 x 8 (30 x 20)


113/4 x81/4 A4 (21x29.7) £9.99

12x 10 (30 x 25)


14 x 11 (36 x 28)


16 x 12 (40 x 30)


161/2 x 113/4     (29.7x41) A3 £19.99

18 x 12 (45 x 30)


20 x 16 (50 x 40)


16 x 24 (50 x 60)


161/2 x23.4  (42x84.1) A2 £29.99

30 x 20 (75 x50)


24 x 33 (59.4x 84.1) A1


33" x 463/4   (59.4 x 118) A0  £79.99

Other sizes are available on request. Quantity discounts are also given

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* Please note that above prices are applied only when the original photo size is up to 12"x8" (A4). If your original photo is larger than A4 (ie A3, A2 , A1 or A0) please contact us for scanning prices.

    • Above prices are on as is basis i.e. all faults seen or not to the naked eye may come up   on print. If restoration is required extra charges apply.
    • We can supply you with a photo CD for archive or reprinting purpose …extra £9.99
    • There is no extra charge for selective or cropped photographs
    • Any colour photo can be printed as a black and white photograph at no extra charge
    • Your favourite photographs can be made into photo gifts such as mugs, T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, or even photographic Christmas and birthday cards
    • We can print these onto canvas if needed.
    • We also offer a  mail order service if you cannot make it into the store


Not sure what you require please do not hesitate to contact us for free, friendly and honest advice

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