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Personalized Pillow Cases

Everyone sleep. No matter how busy or not, no matter how rich or poor, no matter how old or young and no matter wherever you are, you still need sleep. The bed, mattress, bed spread and the pillow are the things you use for sleep and the more comfort they give you, the more blissful your sleep is going to get.  Comfort has two means. Comfort to the body and comfort to the mind. The comfort to the mind close to sleep can be provided by personalizing the pillow case with anything you love or anything that brings a smile to your face.

Kodak Express at Fotostation has opened its doors for you to come and personalize your pillow cases with any of your touching moments with or without texts. When we mean personalization, we can print any image in your digital camera, computer, mobile phone or even photos in negatives and already printed photos. Either you can bring the photos to us or you can process your order through mail or just by following the few easy steps on our web site.

The pillow cases are finished with high quality white polyester cotton to give comfort and to be cleaned easily. The pillow case holds an extent of 75 x 45 centimeters for the image to be printed upon. The photo will not be printed on the edges as usual to maintain the quality. The size of the printed photo depends on the size and quality of the original photo you provide us and the maximum size to be printed on the pillow case is A3.

Find out what comfort it brings you when you rest your head on a personalized pillow case.