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Our passports and visa photo print services include,


•    UK Visa photos
•    Driving License ID photos
•    passport size bus pass photo
•    Green card application photos
•    "Overseas Citizenship of India" -OCI Photos
•    Canada Immigration photos
•    Passport and visa photos for countries like Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, and many other.

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Please click on this link to see full list of all countries we provide passport photo service for.
Here are some guidelines to make you understand about what you should do.

Step 1- Take your photo against white /light background. You can follow our instruction and guidelines from the relevant issuing authority (How to best take a Photo to upload.)
Step 2- Choose the country required
Step 3- Place your online passport photo printing order with any special instructions
Step 4- Wait for your order to be delivered in a couple of days. For those who are in need we will send an electronic copy via email.


Most of the time, passport photos and visa application photos are the ones that should be a hundred percent correct but the orders being carried out in such a hurry almost all the time. This rush most of the time leads to the refusal of the visa or delay in issuing the passport or other related institutes. Therefore, even if you are in a tremendous hurry, in order to get your expected job done, you should correctly and accurately prepare the passport or visa photo according to the terms and regulations of the embassy or passport issuing authority. Kodak express at fotostation offers you the best photos tailored just to suit your needs.

A number of other photo labs and the most common photo booths might be quick and easy ways to obtain passport photo prints or instant visa photo prints but we offer the fastest and easiest photos with extremely high quality. 

Taking photos for visa applications is a harder task than it seems.  A lot of countries have provided their own rules and regulations in taking the photograph. Some countries request a fixed color for their visas; there are other regulations as to how the applicants should face the photo. Facing directly towards the camera, pausing enough to show your left or right year to the camera and many more. Apart from that, some countries demand a suit for the applicants to wear in the photo.

These specifications are sometimes notified by mail or faxed to you from the embassy. But if you misplaced it by any chance, you’ll have to find them yourself. But as a professional photo lab, we can provide you the information and instructions of visa photos for more than forty different countries.

We have understood the inconvenience you face when going to local photo labs and photo boots and obtaining photos without satisfaction at all. We have understood the inconvenience and the frustration with regards to the above situation. That is why we are providing you with our online passport and visa print services. You can just log onto our website, follow only four easy steps and four copies of your visa or passport photo will be delivered to your doorstep for a very reasonable price of £4.99

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It doesn’t matter where you are resided, the deliveries will be made reasonably fast.  We even take orders from abroad for reasonable prices and holding the best quality.