CAMCORDER to DVD.... Copy, Convert, Transfer

We can transfer most formats of camcorder tape to DVD including 8mm tape, Hi8 Video, Digital 8 Video , DV, Micro and Mini DV. All orders are supplied in a beautiful presentation case with wrap-around sleeve.


Straight Transfer Prices to DVD or VHS video tape
Amount of footage
upto 2 hours tape
Extra Copies
£10.00 each
  • Your video tapes are copied in its entirety. 
  • Editing of tapes from £40 pl enquire 
  • Titling  per word £2.00



*Safety First Postage Option  

Worried about having your precious original vedeo tape and DVD lost in the post? - Don't! For an extra £5, we'll post the DVD(s) first and then send your originals separately once you've safely received it……………………………….    £5


About DVDs:

DVD has the same physical format of a CD with a data density approx 8 times (4.7 GB) of a CD.

DVD video (we usually just call it DVD) has become the standard format for videos on a DVD. Videos are digitized and compressed into MPEG-2 data stream (MPG file), at a variable bit rate (9.8Mbit/s max. for video + audio, sampling at 48 kHz). The MPG file is then output to a special format on a DVD along with other control files so that it is compatible with most set top DVD players

DVD Quality:
The video quality of a DVD is better than a Super VHS tape. A single sided, single layered DVD could have more than 2 hours of high quality video although for quality reasons we prefer to transfer up to a maximum of 1.5 hours per DVD.

DVD-R/RW media's wide playback compatibility is the key advantage provided by most DVD-R/RW writers. Recorded DVD-R/RW discs can be read by most DVD-ROM equipped PCs. Furthermore, if the video material is recorded in the DVD-Video format, the y can be enjoyed on consumer DVD-Video players.

Compatibility Issues:
If you already have a DVD player, then in the vast majority of cases, the DVD which we'll create for you will be compatible. However, it’s always worth checking beforehand with your manufacturer. We are not responsible for problems due to incompatibility of your DVD player with our media.

Changing Video standards - Conversions from and to NTSC, PAL and SECAM:
For DVD transfers which change the video standards, such as NTSC tapes to PAL DVD conversion or PAL tapes to NTSC DVD conversion. Unless you require our premium quality option, we will generally use a video standards conversions box to do the job while we are capturing the video into computers.

The video quality is fine with the exception of the fact that the vertical resolution is not as good as the original videos.

With the premium quality option, the conversion is done through software and both the resolution and motion are interpolated correctly. You can hardly see the difference between the original and the converted videos.

typically, the maximum recording time (in terms of quality) is between 1.5 and 2 hours. Please be aware that the format is known as DVD 'R' and a few DVD players and computer drives will not play the discs. To find out whether your machine will play these discs you will need to check your manual or consult the dealer where you purchased the machine. We cannot consider refunds or be held responsible if the disc(s) will not play in your machine. If you are about to purchase a DVD player do make sure it plays DVD'R's (DVD Recordable).

Please be aware that the picture ratio is 4.3 non-wide screens, and once the disc is completed and finalised no additional material can be added. Note that the discs are region zero which means they will play in all DVD players around the world provided they are DVD 'R' compatible.

Mini DV Tapes

Due to the huge increase in customers looking to take a greater control over their cine material, we are invariably asked to provide quality Digital Mini DV copies with each order. Given that most films have bits that need to be cut out, re-ordered or enhanced with titles etc, this is a simple way of taking greater control. The popularity of this option has been fuelled by easy to use and economical editing software.

Apart from some simple editing software and an appropriate PC, you'll just need access to an everyday Mini DV camcorder from which you can output your film.

Mini DV gives you the benefit of a high quality, uncompressed version ideal for editing on your pc (much better for editing than a DVDs which are better suited for general viewing purposes and storage). At just £19.99 per mini DV, it's also very economical.

Dual Layer DVDs
Until relatively recently, both DVD-R and DVD+R disks could hold up to 4.7 GB of data. As explained above, this meant that typically, the maximum recording time (in terms of quality) would be between 1.5 and 2 hours. Due to the frame rate and the generally lesser quality of cine film, a slightly greater amount of film can be transferred.

Now, what are called dual layered DVD writers and media have been released and allow a capacity of 8.4 GB, or 4 hours of good quality video, or 6 hours of acceptable quality cine film.

There are still however several issues to bear in mind:

i) Dual Layer Media is only available in DVD+R format:
While most domestic DVD players will play DVD+R format DVDs, not all will. Please let us know if you want to use this kind of media, letting us know both the make and model of your DVD player. This way we can check the compatibility for you. There may also be some compatibility issues with DVD+R dual layer media and some domestic DVD players. Again, if you want your video or cine on this kind of media, let us know the make and model of your DVD player.

ii). Finding a section of film:
Because of the quantity of data, you'd have to have a good menuing facility to find the film or video you want to watch quickly.

iii) Cost:
Currently dual layer media is very expensive by comparison to DVD-R media. Our advice is to stick with -R DVDs for the meanwhile.