35mm and 120 E6 Slide Processing Develop and Mount

Kodak Express @ Fotostation with its professional partners use the latest slide developing expertise to bring you professional quality 35mm and 120mm Slide E6 Processing and Mounting. Every film is hand processed. We can process and mount all KODAK and FUJI and AGFA Films.

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Here you will find information on E6 slide film processing for both 35mm and 120mm film, including all the options available.

You can have your slide film processed, mounted, printed and also digitally put on CD .

Scans for 35mm are done at 1968x1312 pixels at High resolution or 3936x2624 pixels at Ultra high resolution.

If Scan to Cd and or Prints is requested then the slides are supplied unmounted.

120 mm Medium Format Transparency film E6 Process and/or print and /or Scan to CD options are aslo available and the full range of services please click here

For older films that are not E6 process of any brand please visit www.oldfilmprocessing.com

For digital scan or photographic prints from all slides which have been already processed please click here


35mm Slide Film E6 Process


35mm E6 Slide Film

Process Only

Develop + Mount*

Develop + Images on CD Develop + Prints 6x4


Print +CD

24 Exp



£29.99 £24.99 £34.99

36 Exp



£34.99 £29.99 £39.9

*Plastic Glassless


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120mm Medium Format Slide Film E6 Process


Medium Format Slide E6

Process Only

Process + Print 5x4


Process + Print 5x4

15 Exp

120 mm


£20.99 £27.99
For CD at the time of processing Scans of approx 24mb size +£18 to above


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For other print sizes and prints or  reprints and Scans from processed negatives   see the deatiled order form

Drop in your films instore or use our mail order service. Normal processing time 5-10 working  days .