We Develop or Process and Print all makes of 126 film in our Laboratories using quality Kodak Chemistry and Paper. All films are individaully processed, Digitised and then given a quick makeover on our software before Printing. 


  126 C41 126 Kodachrome and any other type
Develop and Print £24.99 £55
Scan to CD Optional extra Add £15 Add £15
Re Prints from 126 Negatives £2.49 Each Frame £2.49 Each Frame


KEY Facts and How to Order

1 Identify the film (format 126 , always a set of Numbers see below)

2. Identify the Processïng ( C41 or some other usually Kodakchrome, verichrome C22 etc)

3. The processes are either C41 or any other 

4. How much? ( click here for a brief outline)

5. Download and Print the order form ,fill in , pack securely and post.

6. How Long ? (126 C41 process Print film usually 3-4 weeks and othewr 126 films usually 3- 5 Months)


mail order form

Click to Downlaod and print your Old Film Order Form for 126 Film


About 126 Film and How to Identify

126 is the number given to a cartridge-based film format used in still photography. It was introduced by Kodak in 1963, and is associated mainly with low-end point-and-shoot cameras, particularly Kodak's own Instamatic series of cameras.

Although 126 was once very popular, as of 2008 it is no longer manufactured, and we are one of the few photofinishers will still process it.



Check the label for the brand (not important) but along side it you will seeï a Letter and numbers it will say


1. 126 film and Process C41. (see Fig A) Use order form Line 1


2. along with 126 it will say Kodachrome 64 or even some other name BUT not C41 (see Fig B) use Order form Line 5 for any other old film


110 C41

126 Kodachrome verichrome


About our Service.

We will process film as carefully as possible because we know that these posibly has great sentimental valve. Therefore we use our expertise to process in a manner that is most likey to give good results. Very often we have to process them as a B&W film even if it was colour film for that is the most likely to give any viable image. All Kodachrome Film is processed as a B&W negative.

After Processing they are scanned and images are given a quick digital fix-up which means they are adjusted for brightness and contrast. This is an automated process but it makes huge improvements on faded negatives then on Photoshop and they are manually worked by a experienced technician . The manipulations include


  • Brightness and contrast adjustment by eye
  • Grain Reduction
  • Sharpening
  • De-speckling
  • Edge fog reduction
  • The removal of major blemishes where practical
Even with these extensive manipulations, often the quick digital fix-up initially performed on the film, creates an image that can be little improved.Some images are greatly improved, most are somewhat improved and others little improved with the manual fix-up. Please note this is not a major restoration work.

After this we have the images sent to our printer .