Photo or Picture Mugs

Your special pictures or message onto Porcelain Or Ceramic Mugs.
We will place your Photo equidistant from the handle using our best judgement, based on the image the coverage will be determined. We appreciate that the image was not initially captured to be put on a photo gift and that the composition will be awkward.
If you need it on left or right of the handle only or duplicated let us know.
Tip: A image with a landscape orientation would be ideally suited to have maximum coverage of the printable area of the mug.

If you have a photo or negative rather than a digital image please send it by post.

Ceramic Mug: The popular Staffordshire Mug 77mm in Dia and 90mm high approx in white.

Porcelain Mug: Marborough bone china mug in white 77mm dia and 100mm high approx. Both mugs are dishwasher safe.

New Cup and Saucer or the Smug Mug.Also see our colour Changing WOW effect mug. read more about photo mugs
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