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Bulk scan of photos

Shoebox prints

Shoebox prints - Bulk photo scanning service.

Scan all you old photographs and store in CD/DVD for flat rate.

Order shoe box online, we will send you the empty box. You fill the box with your images and send us back. We will scan and send your order

we use new high speed scanners to affordably bulk scan your photos so you can archive them, share them, or keep digital copies of them to print if need be.

Such images filled with memories of family and special occasions, with friends and loved ones, can be easily destroyed if not stored properly. Scanning large quantities of old photos has been a long, tedious and expensive process.

We can cost effectively bulk scan them into digital files for you.

If you have many old prints and slides stored in cupboards and boxes around the house, this is what you want.

We can bulk scan photos from Credit Card size (approx 2"x3") up to A4, but there are some conditions for the bulk scanning service.

All photos must be clean, un mounted and with no glue, tape or blue tac on them. Torn or damaged photos will be removed and hand scanned, as will Polaroid SX70 type and Kodak Instant photos at additional cost. They wont be put in to any particular sequence. We will however apply a global colour and contrast correction to them.

What resolution are the prints scanned?

300 dpi/JPG in the original print size.

How long does it take?

Standard service time is 3 working days, but we do have a express service too.